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We invite you to learn more about the benefits of working with Dr. Eilts from the personal perspective of patients.

Lynda Clay

Lynda ClayMy name is Lynda Clay.  I’m writing to you with my experience back in June, 2012.  It was a beautiful summer morning when I set out, with a helmet and a dream, to learn how to ride a motorcycle, a dream I had dreamed my whole life.  Two hours in, I dumped the bike, pinning my foot underneath it.  My initial thought was that my foot was simply severely sprained so I jumped back on the bike and rode without another incident for another 7 hours.  I knew I was in trouble when I removed my riding boot which revealed severe swelling and the prettiest color purple.

Portsmouth Hospital ED confirmed a fracture to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th metatarsal, casted me, and released me with instructions to contact Atlantic Orthopedics for follow up.  Being an office assistant for a local podiatrist, my daughter was skeptical of the care I would receive from an orthopedic practice.  But then I met Dr. Cameron Eilts, an orthopedic podiatrist!  Dr. Eilts took the time to thoroughly review my Xrays with me. My 3rd and 4th metatarsals were twisted and cracked, the 5th metatarsal was fractured and fragmented.  He explained that the surgery necessary to repair my injuries would be challenging and prepared me for the worst… a plate and screws, and possible rods to straighten the twisted bones.  Rods?  Really?

Amazingly, when Dr. Eilts straightened and plated the 5th metatarsal, the 3rd and 4th straightened on their own… no rods!  During my follow up visit with him a week later, Dr. Eilts offered a prognosis that indicated he understood my priorities: I would be running in 5 weeks!  “He gets me,” I thought.  My sister was quick to doubt, “You never ran before,” she reminded me.

By August, 2012 I was cast free and pain free, and by September, 2012 I was back in the gym.  Today, I’m once again wearing 5″ heels, something I’m certain would make Dr. Eilts cringe!  But more importantly, I’m running 8 minute miles.  My foot is stronger than it was prior to my injury, and I owe it all to Dr. Eilts.  His expertise saved my foot, and my future.  His care and compassion earned him my trust.  Dr. Eilts is a brilliant surgeon and I will be forever grateful for him.

William S. Reid

Dr. Cameron Eilts operated on me to repair an Achilles tendon rupture. The only scary part of the whole procedure was the MRI. After the operation there was a period of having a cast on my leg followed by a month or so of having to wear a cumbersome boot. I had no pain during all of this time. Finally I started to walk normally without any discomfort. Within about two months of the operation I was taking short walks of a mile or so. I was happy to built up to two to three miles walks. During this whole time I had periodic appointments with Dr. Eilts to review my progress. Dr. Eilts has a very engaging personality and I greatly enjoyed these checkups.
In short, I cannot imagine an Achilles tendon rupture with less pain or a more positive interaction with the doctor than I experienced. I unhesitatingly recommend Dr. Cameron Eilts.

Mark Morrill

I met Dr. Eilts a year ago to discuss a remedy for the significant pain and frustration I was enduring as a result of the great toe implants I had installed one year prior. As an extremely active person with a physically demanding job, it became obvious to me that the implants were clearly not working and that I was far better off before I had them put in. I found Dr. Eilts to be extremely personable, professional, and confident in his ability to address a solution to my problem. One year ago Dr. Eilts removed the implant and fused the great toe of my right foot. The surgery, recovery, and return to normal routines went precisely as he said they would – with no surprises. In living my very active and demanding lifestyle, I honestly don’t realize my toe is even fused. In a few weeks Dr. Eilts will perform the fusion of my left toe and I look forward to being back in his care. In regards to Dr. Eilts personal and professional character, I could not offer a more sincere and outstanding reference. I will be forever grateful that I met such an excellent doctor and gained an even better friend. Do yourself a favor, get to know the man.

Brenda L. Bishop

Throughout my life I have struggled with the limitations of several birth defects. Especially difficult has been the condition of my feet due to spina bifida. I have always needed leg braces or orthopedic shoes to assist me in walking. Chronic ulcers were a constant problem. Walking on grass or uneven surfaces was a definite challenge. Falling was a constant concern to me.

As I aged, I found it to be increasingly more difficult physically to maintain a level of mobility that matched my desire to be independent and able to keep up with friends and family. Due to a series of events, I found and met Dr. Eilts. After my first appointment with him, I began to hope that something better could be done for me. Through Dr. Eilts’ innovation and outside-the-box thinking, my foot ulcer was treated with several procedures that enabled me to remain working. Once my ulcer was healed, a decision was made to perform corrective surgery on my right foot. This would provide the best possible outcome for improvement.

My surgery was conducted by Dr. Eilts and my rehabilitation was uneventful, as expected. Dr. Eilts continued to encourage me through my recovery and aftercare. His professional, caring, can-do attitude has made my experience very positive. He continues to advise me and remains available for any questions or concerns I may have.

What Dr. Eilts has done for me is nothing short of a miracle. Given the chance, I know he will do the same for those who are in need of his adept surgical skills, along with his medical expertise. Thanks to Dr. Eilts, I can now, once again, enjoy my backyard and return to my life with sure-footed confidence.